Student Pass Information

Student Pass Extension (Renewal)

Step 1:

Fill up the Student Pass Extension Form (from IO) and submit 2 months before the pass expiry date. Approvals from the respective programs must be obtained. Four (4) types of documents are needed:

  • ATTENDANCE (from the first semester)
  • Semester results achieved (to date)
  • A letter of support from the Academic Head of Department is required if:
    • attendance is less than 80% and/or
    • the course is not completed within the stipulated duration of study.


Compile all relevant documents required in the Student Pass Extension (Renewal) form.

Step 3:

Documents will be checked by IO before a Payment Advice is issued. Thereafter students will pay for the special pass and insurance at the Finance Dept.

Step 4:

Hand in the passport to IO one (1) month before the student pass expiry date. Renewals may take up to 4 weeks. Do not make any travel plans until Student Passes are renewed and passports are returned.