After Obtaining Your Offer Letter

STEP 1 - Accept Your Course Offer

Accept your offer as detailed in the letter of Offer, Terms and Conditions of Enrolment. Sign and return the ‘Acceptance of Offer’ to the International Office (IO).

Send any outstanding documents as listed in the in Incomplete Record Checklist attached with Letter of Offer. Late submission of documents will delay your visa (Student Pass) application.

Pay your outstanding application fees if required.

Confirm your accommodation if you have applied for campus residence, please contact: +603-74505500 or email:

Authenticity of Supporting Documents. Copies of certificates submitted must be certified as true for admission. Upon request by the University, you must show the original certificates for verification.

Forgery or alteration of original documents results in immediate dismissal by the University.


Step 2 - Get Your Student Visa

IO will apply for your Malaysian Student Pass upon receiving the signed “Acceptance of Offer”, and all required documents and fees.

The processing time for Student Pass approval takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Once the Student Pass is approved, a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is issued.

Please refer to the official EMGS link and print out your Student VAL:

All international students are required to pay the advance fees payment before the orientation date.


Step 3 - Pre-Departure

Single Entry Visa (SEV)/Visa with Reference (VDR) is mandatory before traveling to Malaysia. However certain countries are exempted. For more information please refer to this link (Official Malaysia Immigration website): Travelling to Malaysia without SEV/VDR may cause complications to your student visa endorsement upon arrival.

Check with the Malaysian Embassy in your home country / nearest to you on the requirement of Single-Entry Visa (SEV)/Visa with Reference (VDR) to enter Malaysia.

The student VAL is valid for SIX months from the date of issuance. New visa application is required for student VALs that have expired (with payment).


Notify IO of your arrival details by returning the completed Airport Arrival Notice at least 7 working days before arrival, by email to:

Airport Arrival staff from IO will acknowledge and confirm pick-up arrangement within 3 working days.

Checklist for Departure

  • Original copy of VAL, and SEV/VDR (for countries that require visa to enter Malaysia).
  • Original Passport (valid for 18 months before expiry).
  • High School / academic certificates, passport type photographs, medical information, spare photocopies of passport, etc.
  • Acceptance of Offer Letter, receipts / proof of payments.
  • Notify your arrival date by sending the completed Airport Arrival Notice.
  • Sufficient cash (Malaysian Ringgit - MYR) and important contact numbers.
    • MYR can be obtained from the airport money changers.

Step 5 - Arrival

Upon arriving at the airport, you may contact Airport pickup staff on +6019-3362242

You will be met at the designated meeting point in the airport.

As student visas are processed differently, when you arrive, proceed to the Immigration Office in the airport. It is commonly located near the Immigration counters. If unsure please ask the staff on duty. You must present your Visa Approval Letter (VAL or e-VAL) and Sunway’s program Offer letter.

Before leaving the immigration counter: Always ensure that there is a Special Pass stamped in your passport. If you are unsure, always check with Sunway’s airport pick up staff before leaving the airport. If you encounter any issues at the Immigration Checkpoint, kindly contact our Airport Arrival Hotline (+6019-3362242).

Settling In

Come to the IO in the campus on the next working day for a pre-orientation briefing. You will be given a Welcome Kit and International Student Information Guide.

IO will arrange your post-arrival Medical Screening. (This is mandatory for all international students). Transport will be arranged.

After your medical screening, submit your passport to IO (not later than 7 working days of your arrival) for your Student Pass endorsement.


International students must attend:

  • Course/Programme Orientation on intake day – Refer to your Offer Letter for the orientation date
  • International Students Welcome Reception hosted by IO – date will be advised upon reporting to IO.

International Office

During office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m, Monday to Friday

IO Emergency hotline

After office hours/weekends/public holidays

Sunway iMail Account

All students are issued with an iMail email account during/after orientation. Using iMail for correspondence with Sunway helps to ensure your identity and validity of the communication. Check your iMail daily for important announcements.

Penalties exist for overstaying due to expired visas.

Overstaying is a serious offence under Malaysian law. It can result in imprisonment and deportation. Future entry into Malaysia can be denied in the future if there is a record of visa overstay.

Fines for overstay can be up to RM1,000. For repeat offences, the fines are increased.

Students are referred to Sunway University/ Sunway College Rules & Regulations governing their academic rights and obligations during their tenure of study.